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Can Promotional Giveaways Help Launch A Small Business?



There is no bigger challenge for a small business than making its mark and successfully launching without getting lost amongst the competition and industry noise. 


This is why you need to get creative with your marketing - and I don't mean spending a ridiculous amount of money on advertising and influencers. I'm talking about building a buzz through promotional giveaways.



My Advice On How To Boost Brand Awareness Through Promotional Products



Company merchandise giveaways on social media platforms have become a popular marketing tool and an effective way of boosting brand awareness. 


According to a survey by Easypromos,


92.6% of marketers organise social media giveaways and 64.8% say that increasing followers is one of the biggest benefits of doing so. 


It's easy to imagine why offering social media users promotional products for following your business page, liking a post and leaving a comment can lead to growth. Who doesn't love a freebie for doing very little?


The allure of winning merchandise gifts creates excitement which, in turn, helps your small business build an audience and increase engagement without having to spend a ton of money. The result is more eyes on your brand and a whole host of new potential customers. 




Promotional Items Aid Visibility For Small Businesses



What's more, company branded products are, quite literally, getting your name out there. When your promotional items are being used by people and put on display in public settings, your brand is gaining more attention. 


Think of company merchandise as a walking billboard and every person who sees it could be driven to learn more about your small business.




Your Contact Details On Hand When Needed



This is why you must use promotional products as an opportunity for lead generation by putting your contact information on them. Whether this is your website, phone number or email address, providing a call-to-action is the easiest way to turn a passer-by into a potential customer. 




Company Branded Products Can Be Used To Earn Customer Loyalty



Promotional giveaways are not all about building brand visibility. Small businesses can also offer merchandise gifts to those who have reached the end of the sales funnel and turned into buying customers. This is what we like to call 'inspiring customer loyalty'.


The difference between a small business with a huge launch but no longevity and a small business that goes from strength to strength is customer retention. 


It's one thing to get customers through the metaphorical (or literal) door, but getting them to return is another story. Therefore, you need to consider ways of improving the customer experience to keep them coming back. Company merchandise is one method worth considering.


When you gift a customer a promotional product, you show appreciation for their support and leave them with a gentle, personal reminder of your brand. This goes a long way toward maintaining their custom. 




How Can You Implement This Merchandise Strategy



You could provide a promotional item with every customer order, such as a printed pen or a promotional cotton bag, or leave clients with a parting gift in the form of a printed mug. The options are endless but the impact is always the same - an increased likelihood of loyalty to your business.



Promotional Merchandise Can Be Cost-Effective



If I still have not managed to convince you that promotional merchandise is a brilliant investment for your small business, then let's look at the cost. 


When compared to other marketing activities that your business could spend money on, promotional products like custom-printed t-shirts and promotional notepads are relatively inexpensive. In fact, the larger they quantity that you buy, the less you spend per item. 


Furthermore, you only have to make an investment in merchandise gifts to receive a marketing tool that leaves a lasting impression and can be seen by hundreds or thousands of people over its lifetime. 


The Advertising Specialty Institute reports that recipients keep branded merchandise for about eight months as a continuous reminder of the brand they received it from. 


This duration of brand exposure is unparalleled in terms of cost-effectiveness compared to other marketing strategies.

Why Not Embrace Promotional Items In Collaboration Opportunities With Your Local Community and Businesses?



Company merchandise can go as far as being used as an opportunity to build a network within your local community. You can reach out to other brands, businesses and charities in your area and pitch a collaborative approach to promotional products.


For example, printed tote bags with your branding could be gifted to shoppers who spend a minimum amount in a local cafe. This marketing strategy benefits your small business, as you can now tap into the cafe's existing customer base, and it helps the cafe by increasing customer spend and improving customer experience.



Promotional items can be posted, so consider direct mail gifting to advertise your brand.


If you want to connect with your local community quickly, or you have built a contact list that includes delivery addresses, then direct mail is still an effective method of advertising. 


There are plenty of branded product ideas that can be mailed at very little cost, including printed coasters, promotional seeds, and small stationery items such as promotional mousemats, promotional notebooks, and even printed fridge magnets.


This method enables you to reach a large volume of people and is ideal for local service providers, such as window cleaners or plumbers, who want to build a more personal connection to their target audience.



My Top Unique Promotional Gifts To Explore in Spring 2024

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    Promotional technology will make sure your brand is noticed in the office or at home. A considerable custom charger gift to your clients will help to instil those all-important relationships and loyalty. I love this product due to its uniqueness; it can be taken anywhere.

    50 From £17.55



Want Unique Ideas For Promotional Giveaways Relating To Your Industry?


Merchandise Ltd are here to assist you in finding promotional giveaways that are suitable for your industry and your audience. Our UK-based account management team have a wealth of experience that equips them with the tools needed to guide your small business to success.


With your budget in mind, the team can arrange promotional product samples and create free visuals of your branded products before they are manufactured and delivered to your door. 

Whether you want merchandise gifts that are unique to your message or printed items that are more traditional, our team will ensure that you get exactly what your business needs. 


Written By Dan - Key Account Manager At Merchandise Ltd

Tel: 01895 438459


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