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Take a look at our custom printed promotional rulers

Why use printed promotional rulers?

If you want to push your company ahead of the competition, we encourage you to move beyond the ordinary promotional merchandise, and explore a practical desk gift. Printed rulers are an excellent choice for reaching out to students, artists, teachers and others within the educational industries. They also are perfect for use in attracting potential customers no matter what ideal market demographic you want to attract.

Custom Rulers also are an ideal piece of reusable branded merchandise to offer to architects, construction crew, and more, hence the popularity of the promotional scale ruler in 2021. For instance, branded rulers are useful for planning and measuring when in the process of creating a new building, landscape, road or other indoor or outdoor design. Each personalised ruler you offer to your target audience must, however, be useful to them for the projects they plan to complete. Our rnage includes the printed 6" ruler for smaller pencil cases, the larger 12cm printed ruler for standard use, and even the promotional flexi ruler for a novelty promotional giveaway.

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Why use branded rulers for your company desks? 

We encourage you to browse our extensive varieties of printed rulers you can use for marketing purposes. For instance, the shaped printed rulers in a variety of colourful print designs would be perfect for the younger crowd. We also have the more traditional and elegant designs of branded rulers to use for reaching the seasoned building planner or accomplished artist. If you want to market to people within the do-it-yourself crowd, we also provide a stock of promotional foldable rulers or other compact printed measuring tools.

Each promotional ruler you order from us is made from long-lasting materials such as acrylic, plastic or wood. You also might want to check and see what aluminum or other printed metal rulers we have in stock. All of them will help your target audience draw straight lines and make accurate measurements.

Most custom branded rulers we offer are functional. However, we also are aware that some collectable enthusiasts out there might enjoy receiving your custom printed rulers if just for show. Either way, we encourage you to shop our available promotional merchandise to find company rulers suitable for your marketing plan. You also might notice that some of the eco friendly printed rulers we have available are made from recycled materials. Therefore, you also can target environmentally conscious people within the niche audiences you want to reach.

Please ask us if you have any questions about how branded rulers could bring you years of recurring advertising. Otherwise, we encourage you to order your first supply of promotional merchandise today.