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The custom enamel badges remain adaptable to many sectors; learn more.

Branded badges offer a versatile and effective way to promote your brand, regardless of industry type. Consider custom enamel badges as the perfect event option to fit a wide and diverse variety of uses. Whether promoting a sports team, charity fundraising or corporate and staff gifting, custom enamel badges are an ideal way to convey your company message.

Fundraising Through Fashion: Charity Merchandise with Logo Enamel Badges

Charities have long used merchandise to raise funds and increase awareness for their causes. One popular promotional item is custom enamel badges, charity badges or pins. These promotional products provide a tangible item for supporters to purchase and symbolise their support for the charity. By wearing these charity badges, individuals can help spread awareness and encourage others to get involved. It's a win-win situation for both the charity and its supporters. Our best selling custom charity badge is the soft enamel badge

Fostering Team Spirit: Branded Enamel Badges for Sports Teams and Clubs

Creating a cohesive and unified team can be challenging for any sports team or club. However, custom enamel badges have proven effective in promoting team spirit and boosting morale. These branded sports badges are available in a wide range of shapes and types, including custom pins and printed badges, ensuring your club merchandise suits the unique style of any team. Whether opting for a classic circular shape or a more intricate design, custom enamel badges provide a fun and creative way to showcase team spirit while instilling a sense of pride with some great-looking sports promotional products. 

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Building Connections: Custom Enamel Badges for Networking and Relationship Building

Custom enamel badges are a great way to build connections and promote your brand. These small but eye-catching promotional items are perfect to showcase your logo or message, making them an effective tool for networking and relationship building. Whether you're looking for custom pins for a trade show giveaway or other promotional products for your business, logo enamel badges are a versatile choice to help you stand out.

Souvenirs That Last: Custom Enamel Badges as Travel Mementos

Branded enamel badges customised to reflect your travel experiences serve as exceptional keepsakes. These badges are a perfect way to commemorate your journeys and enable you to create a distinctive array of cherished memories. Moreover, they are ideal for promotional purposes, allowing you to share your fascinating expeditions with your loved ones by presenting them with these branded badges. Enamel badges can be customised with your design in both soft enamel and hard enamel.

Which branded enamel badge sizes remain best sellers?

Custom enamel badges are one of the best-selling promotional items across many industries. With a broad range of styles, shapes and sizes to consider, pin badges remain in high demand due to their versatility and cost-effective appeal. The most popular sizes for pin badges range from 15mm to 30mm, with 20mm and 25mm being the most widely sought after. 

What are the main differences between stamped iron and custom soft enamel badges?

Company stamped iron badges are typically more affordable than custom soft enamel badges. Stamped iron badges have a flat surface and are typically thinner than custom soft enamel badges, which have a three-dimensional appearance due to the raised metal lines separating the different enamel colours. Custom soft enamel badges are generally considered higher quality and have a more premium feel than stamped iron badges.

Our advice on design considerations for custom-shaped badges

When designing custom badges with unique shapes, it's essential to think about the purpose of the badge and the message it's supposed to communicate. The shape should be exciting and relevant to the brand or event. Additionally, it's essential to consider the size and materials of the badge to ensure that it lasts a long time and is comfortable to wear.