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Branded Premium Pens for the ultimate executive gift

Our custom premium branded pen range includes Senator Pens, Waterman Range and the classic Parker Pen collection.

Why choose a premium branded pen, over a cheap printed plastic pen?

Premium branded metals pens have always been considered the ideal corporate gifts within promotional merchandise. Recognisable luxury branded pens from the notable Parker pens range, AT Cross and Waterman brand have long since dominated this section of branded merchandise for many years. Not only are engraved pens excellent executive branded gifts but they also have a higher perception of value compared to that of plastic, especially when presented in a charming and attractive gift box. The versatility of using premium branded pen brands is that they are accessible to many different purposes and not limited to just executive giveaways. There are many other ways in which high quality branded pens are used, many businesses incline towards engraved pens for employee incentives, staff recognition and long service awards. Gifting branded products internally can improve morale, boost productivity and wellbeing, these are all crucial attributes to retaining a positive and reliable working environment. A simple but effective gift to your team such as branded parker pens such as the popular jotter can have a big impact on the output and overall performance of the company, so investing in the right branded giveaways for your staff is imperative in maintaining long term business success. There is a variety of ways in which you can utilise the use of executive branded gifts, using some distinguished brands such as Waterman and Senator pens. These can be particularly useful for handovers with new client packs or when onboarding new business. Premium branded merchandise plays an integral role in rewarding but more notably when retaining future customers and ensuring long term loyalty through repeat business. The use of corporate gifts when onboarding new clients are also paramount when making a first impression. There are many luxury branded pens available to ensure that your first encounter proves successful, one that will be remembered as a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. You can view more of our custom branded premium gifts here


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What are your options for branding to our premium branded pens range?

Like with all promotional merchandise, premium branded pen brands can be printed and engraved in many appealing ways. Different methods have the unique ability to transform high quality branded pens to suit a wide variety of uses. For custom branded premium plastic pens then screen and rotary print is widely used, rotary print allows for a larger surface area as this process prints around the pen rather than to a limited area. Pad print is also a good option for branded pen caps and hard to reach places. For higher-end executive gifting then engraving to the pen barrel and to the caps is a favoured method, producing fine and exquisite results that offer a much higher perceived value, perfect for executive gifting. Many premium products like our branded parker pens will be presented in a signature gift box, however, there are many other attractive boxes to consider, these can also be custom branded with your logo, usually printed directly to the lid of the box. These could also be placed into a branded gift bag, for something a little more out of the ordinary. You can view our custom printed gift bag range here.

Learn more about our most custom branded premium pens

The printed Parker Jotter range is one of the most iconic and in-demand pens within the premium category. Parker is synonymous with quality; due to the brand recognition Parker products are recognisable, and they are available in a large and classic range of their notable colours. People buy into brands such as Parker, and Waterman as they deliver an experience and reassurance, one which instils confidence that the products are consistent with that of premium quality, a choice to be considered when gifting to company directors and senior executives with the knowledge they will be greatly received. Custom branded Senator is also highly regarded, not only within the retail sector but across the branded merchandise world also. Senator's pen engineering is impeccable, from their budget to their higher-end range, quality is always maintained at the highest level. They also produce premium quality ink infills which produce a smooth and unrivalled writing experience. Not only is the Senator range of writing instruments of the highest quality they are incredibly affordable too, making this one of the most popular within the industry. You can view the entire Senator pen range here.