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Our range of eco friendly promotional giveaways

Explore branded technology merchandise

Promotional technology is now available in sustainable materials; explore our custom eco friendly tech giveaways.

Ask any promotional products supplier, and they'll agree that eco friendly technology merchandise such as printed sustainable USBS, bamboo promotional items like power banks and chargers are the most on-trend and in demand. More businesses are investing in eco friendly promotional giveaways than ever before. Due to the increasing popularity of branded technology, promotional products made from sustainable materials such as wheat straw, bamboo, wood, and RPET have become the pioneers in innovation and the most sought-after of all promotional eco products. There is a vast and attractive range of tech eco friendly promotional products on offer  printed bamboo speakers, promotional multi-cable chargers, custom eco earphones,  branded eco wireless charging pads and company branded USBs, to name but a few! Bamboo is a natural composite material, just like wood. They are incredibly durable, robust and cost-effective for production, making them great promotional products for event merchandise, corporate gifts and branded retail items. Wheat straw is a by-product of harvested grain and is also extraordinarily durable but affordable. It is ideal for branded technology such as headphones and power banks, the perfect sustainable material for the eco-minded that will be visually impressive and unparalleled in quality and appeal. Cork is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet and perfect for eco friendly promotional products. Cork is also 100% naturally biodegradable, so the total environmental impact is minimal, and trees are free from harm during harvesting. 



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What are your best options for customising bamboo promotional items?

Like other promotional products, eco friendly branded merchandise also offers a wide range of branding methods, carefully selected for different materials. Regarding wood and bamboo products, laser engraving delivers an excellent finish and superior results, with a unique and natural finish compared to print on glossy plastic surfaces. Screen and pad print always offer superb results, and there is also the opportunity for digital print on certain products, where full colour and complex artwork are required. 

Which sustainable custom technology gifts are best sellers?

Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad: 

One of the best-selling promotional eco-friendly chargers on the market is the Essence bamboo wireless charging pad. Its sustainable bamboo material is durable and hardwearing but also is aesthetically natural, delivering an attractive technology item ideal for corporate gifts and branded retail. 

Wheat Straw Hub Charger:

Printed chargers make excellent promotional tech products; the Hub charger wheat straw - ABS are the ideal eco friendly giveaways for staff and client gifts. Made from 35% natural wheat straw and ABS plastic, drastically reducing the use of single-use plastic is imperative for the environment and good for your brand awareness and business reputation! 

Wheat Straw 4GB USB:

Like all other promotional technology, branded USBs are a popular choice. They are ideal for office use but also event giveaways and trade shows. For the eco-minded, the Rotate 4gb Wheat Straw Usb flash drive offers an impressive alternative to standard plastic. These pocket-size promotional tools; are created from 50% wheat straw and 50% ABS plastic. 

Speak to the Merchandise Ltd team to explore branded eco friendly technology

Our unrivalled experience in branded eco friendly technology means that we will find the best choice for your budget and event. Our expert merchandise team consistently offers the most relevant, affordable, sustainable branded tech merchandise solutions. They will guide you through the limitless array in our collection and are ready to give their advice and share experiences on what's new and currently on-trend within the promo tech world!