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Our help to choose the right promotional jute bag for your needs

If you are looking for a bag with durability, style and versatility then branded jute bags are first class. A promotional jute bag not only carries the eco-friendly seal of approval but with a broad range of sizes, shapes and handle designs, make it one of the most popular branded merchandise items available. A small, printed jute bag is an ideal size. like our short handled jute bag, possibly to conceal a premium corporate gift for a valued customer or as a branded retail novelty bag. They are available with a choice of trim colours and handles, a unique and attractive promotional bag to give away. The medium-sized custom printed jute bags are the most in-demand, due to their capacity and impressive features, like the smaller options but offering a wider range of uses, such as for shopping and promotional tote bags. When it comes to giving away promotional merchandise and marketing literature at an event or exhibition then the larger sized jute bag is the perfect accompaniment. A strong, reliable and sturdy choice that offers varying styles, including colourful trim and handle options, and long-life endurance for reusability. Promotional printed hessian bags stand out, and screen printing is the best option for branding jute material. Also, a simple single colour design can look impressive, especially to a large and generous branding area to both sides of the bag, even on the gussets. many branded jute bags will offer a laminated interior, which enables waterproof durability for when carrying drinks, liquids and food likely to spill.

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How a printed jute bag is the ultimate environmentally friendly giveaway

A printed bag for life not only offers exceptional value and quality but is great for the environment too. Within a relatively short period, the demand for eco-friendly products has soared, promotional merchandise has adapted quickly to meet these new requirements. The promotional jute bag was eco-friendly from the start! As a business, when advertising your brand, you want to be a forward-thinking company that considers the environment. Your logo emblazoned across printed jute bags will do just this, raising your brand awareness, positively and responsibly. Your jute bags as promotional giveaways are not only practical, offering a range of uses and a long life but more importantly, it reduces the use of single-use plastic bags, which clog up landfills, rivers and our oceans. Custom printed jute bags are easy to store, they stack brilliantly, making it a great product to purchase in bulk. Capacity is paramount when choosing your printed juts bags, there are many sizes available with added gussets, providing even extra strength whilst offering you more space to utilise.

Printed jute bags are great for retail sectors and here's why

Aside from the branded merchandise market, the printed jute bag is also a favourable and profitable retail product. Due to their high quality and bespoke ability, the retail options are as popular as the promotional jute shopping bags. The versatility allows them to be sold through many diverse retail channels, from charity shops, boutique stores, universities and education sectors, right through to supermarkets and grocery stores. Like with jute promotional bags, the retail options are widely used by an extensive cross-section of society. As bags for life continue to grow in popularity, and with retail sectors investing more into them, these bags are a force to be reckoned with. The generous print area available enables any business, small or large, to advertise their brand to a potentially massive audience, daily, positively and responsibly.