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Promotional Event Tote Bags

Explore our custom printed exhibition and show tote bags. Options in RPET, in PP, are cost-effective branded event bags for volume giveaways at your next trade show.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Promotional Tote bags?

Promotional tote bags are an excellent marketing tool for businesses and organisations for many reasons, starting with their versatility. 

Printed totes can be used for various purposes, from grocery shopping to carrying beach essentials or gym clothes. They have even become trendy enough to replace the traditional handbag and be worn as an everyday fashion accessory. 

This means that your branding message will gain mass exposure in various settings, increasing your exposure and increasing your investment.

Custom-printed bags are also eco-friendly merchandise, which is extremely important in today’s world, where consumers are more conscious than ever about their carbon footprint. As a result, many shoppers are now reaching for sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bags, such as promotional organic cotton totes or printed reusable bags made from rPET. 

When you invest in promotional tote bags, like our Eldon Jute Shopper or our promotional recycled cotton shopper, you are showcasing your commitment to sustainability and enhancing your brand image.

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Printed tote bags have a great print area to advertise your message

Another benefit of using custom tote bags as your chosen merchandise is that they offer a large print area where you can clearly display your logo or message. This provides your brand with maximum visibility and the opportunity to get creative with your artwork as there are not many restrictions thanks to the surface area.

Additionally, with the ability to choose promotional bags in colours that match your brand, they can become an extension of your brand identity which increases their impact even more.

Furthermore, promotional event tote bags are affordable, making them a cost-effective marketing tool.

With a low cost per impression, they are a great way to get your brand in front of potential customers without breaking the bank.

 Printed tote bags are practical and have a wide appeal

What might be the biggest advantage of promotional tote bags over other merchandise gift options is that they are practical and appealing to a wide range of demographics. 

This means that businesses can use them for many purposes, such as at trade shows, conferences, charity events and in retail stores.

Beyond their traditional role in marketing and advertising, printed totes can even be used as gifts, giveaway prizes, eco-friendly shopping bags, event gift bags or to promote a specific cause.

 Learn more about our top 3 best selling custom tote bags

Printed 5oz Cotton Shopper Tote

This affordable, lightweight cotton shopper is great for large volume orders and can be an effective sustainable replacement for plastic carrier bags at checkouts.

Promotional RPET Tote Bag

This colourful event tote bag is made from recycled plastics and comes in various shades so you can match it to your branding for an even bigger impact.

Custom Adelaide Shopper Tote Bag

This custom 5oz cotton shopper bag is a classic promotional tote with the added twist of coloured trims to help you stand out from competitors. 

Speak to the Merchandise Ltd team for expert advice

We know which merchandise gifts work best for your business, so reach out to our expert team for help with idea generation and quotations. We also provide competitive pricing and express print options to make the process of creating promotional products quick, easy and affordable.