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Looking for a promotional packable shopping bag?

Promotional packaway shopping tote bags are an affordable and practical gift; learn more.

Across all promotional merchandise, custom branded bags are one of the most sought after, and printed packaway bags are ideal for various industries, corporate giveaways, events and retail. Many promotional merchandise companies will agree that custom bags are one of the most versatile products, with foldable logo bags being the most cost-effective promotional bags available. There are many great attributes to investing in printed packaway bags for your company merchandise; they are lightweight, easy to carry and store and come in an extensive range of bright and appealing stock colours. As well as being incredibly affordable, foldable promotional bags are the perfect giveaways at events and exhibitions, making attractive marketing merchandise alongside being highly sought after, ideal for client gifting. Due to their wide-ranging appeal and competitive price point, foldable branded bags make fantastic promotional merchandise for charities, education, giveaways, and retail sectors. Due to the excellent branding area available, the food industry also understands the importance of promotional bags, such as the pack-away style, a significant bag to carry products. The unrivalled versatility of these promotional bags also allows an everyday practical product to be a great marketing tool to promote and advertise your business. On top of this, foldable bags are naturally sustainable and used repeatedly; they are also the perfect alternative to single-use plastic bags.

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Learn more about our most popular promotional folding bags

Printed Foldable bags with Popper:

Ask any promotional merchandise companies, and they will agree. One of the most popular styles of foldable bags for practical use and as marketing merchandise is the popper closure option. The Arlon promotional shopping bag is a classic example of the popular non-woven foldable bag. It comes in a collection of bright and tempting colours and is a low-cost alternative to other durable options made from jute.

Promotional Packaway Shopping Tote Bag: 

The Packaway shopping tote bag is another excellent example of how simple yet effective foldable custom bags are. It is a tremendous all-around shopping bag for everyday use and marketing merchandise, with the appeal of being eco-friendly, made with recycled polyester, 51% PET which equates to 3 plastic bottles. They boast a large branding area, allowing the print to both sides of the bag. 

Custom Printed Elis Foldable Shopper:

The Elis foldable shopping bag is similar to the Packaway and works the same way, although the Elis features a pouch to tuck the bag into after use. The Elis is the ultimate promotional shopping bag. It comes in a bright collection of colours, ideal for low-cost giveaways for charities, food, and gift shop retail. 

How we print our promotional foldable shopping tote bags

There are several ways to brand your foldable bags; the most popular are screen printing and heat transfer. The screen method is ideal for covering the larger area of the bag, usually to the front and back and offers a superbly smooth finish, printed in the Pantone colour of your choice. A transfer is a great option when more complex artwork is required or if you want to brand harder to reach or smaller areas on the bag such as a pocket or pouch. 

Why work with Merchandise for your custom printed foldable tote bags

Unlike many other promotional merchandise companies, our industry experts are on hand to guide you through your branded bag journey, from inception to delivery. Our friendly account managers are eager to share their extensive knowledge and advice on what bags are on-trend, whatever the event or purpose, and to ensure we meet your deadline and budget! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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