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Take a look at our branded sweet bags for 2021

Our ideas to pick your perfect custom sweets for the most impact

Everyone loves a freebie especially if they are promotional sweets, great branded event giveaways, putting a smile on the face of everyone who comes into contact! There is an almost limitless range of personalised sweets to choose from, all of which will certainly create a positive impact whilst promoting your business and brand. Like other promotional products, custom sweets come in all shapes and sizes, the popular tubes such as Sweet Tube Jolly Beans and the Mint Tube are all great sweets for business. Not only attractive event giveaways but ideal as corporate gifts too. There are many custom sweet bags to consider also, products such as the Retro Sweet Bags, the Swing Tag Bags and the popular Flow Bag Jolly Beans all have huge appeal and are in demand especially when it comes to exhibitions and events. One of the most sought after across all branded merchandise is the metal tins containing custom sweets, mints, jelly beans, chocolate beanies or Skittles. These are superb for corporate gifting, ideal for events and a great match for the car industry, a popular giveaway at car dealerships along with branded bottled water. Wrapped promotional sweets are perfect for buying in volume, lost cost and always a popular choice with event attendees, allowing you to entice potential business over your threshold. There are numerous custom sweets to choose from that come wrapped, the orange flavoured sweet in a flow pack and the Express printed sweets are perfect giveaways. Many sweets for business can also be used for employee rewards, staff incentives or for when onboarding new clients, they will please the sweetest of tooth's and are guaranteed to pep up your team and to leave your clients happy and content! 

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What is the best option comparing flow wrapped custom sweets to personalised sweet bags?

Like with promotional products, custom sweets have many variations, all of which are designed to suit an array of individual needs. The personalised sweets in bags cover a wide spectrum of possibilities, ideal for gifting clients or perfect at charity fundraisers, freshers’ fairs and themed events. Swing tag and organza bags are ideal gifts, great for Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. They are slightly more premium with a larger range of options, promotional chocolates, jelly beans, mints, wrapped caramel chocolates, hearts and coins, all make attractive presents that enable you to target your prospects and promote your business positively. Flow wrapped printed sweets are great exhibition giveaways, low cost for high volumes, make this the choice perfect for handing out sweets in bulk to a lucrative audience. They are lightweight, easy to store and brilliant to mail out, making them the most sought after personalised sweets available. You can view more of our promotional merchandise for direct mail here

How we brand your sweets for business

Bringing your sweet wrappers, bags, tubes and tins to life is fun, and there are many great ways to produce excellent results. Digital labels are ideal for many different packaging items, they work wonders on tubes, tins and tubs, like that of full-colour dome labels. When printing larger runs of packaging such as flow wraps then the classic litho print method is used, this allows high volume repetitive design to be printed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. These are all key factors that make branded flow wrap sweets affordable tasty treats!