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Our range of printed promotional mouse mats

Custom printed mousemats for smooth marketing campaigns

You don't only want the maximum number of prospective clients exposed to your company name. You want maximum visibility. You want people to remember you, to distinguish your logo and your brand from those of the competition. The key to success is to distribute promotional merchandise that are everywhere, ones that are practical, durable, and appealing the printed company mousemats will complete all of these tasks. This is the equation for success, and branded promotional mousemats are the solution. We are huge fans as custom branded mousemats are affordable, easy to post to your clients, and really help with internal office branding. For 2021 we can print your logo and details to promotional mousemats and coaster sets. From the popular printed Q-Mat and the standard promotional foam mousemat, we have all the options!

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Printed Mousemats from Merchandise Ltd

Mousemats are everywhere, and a significant number of those are printed promotional mousemats. Capitalise on the fact that nearly everyone is routinely exposed to a mousemat. From gamers to students to e-mail addicts to technicians, employees, and office managers, lots of people see your logo. You enhance name recognition each time someone sees your logo printed on a promotional mousemat.

But distributing a branded promotional mousemat also bolsters your business because it is a practical, appealing product. Prospective customers will want to use it each day. Ergonomically designed, this item reduces wrist tension, hand discomfort, and fatigue. Many people become accustomed to a favourite mousemat, which they refuse to part with. Your company's printed promotional mousemat will be that special one!

The durability of your mousemat is another customer-pleasing, sales-boosting feature. Unlike other typical desktop items, the branded promotional mousemat is made to last. While many other common desktop accessories are fragile, the mat is designed for years of satisfying use. Unlike mugs, glasses, knick knacks or picture frames, your mousemat, featuring your logo is compact, lightweight, wear-and-tear resistant, and virtually indestructible. A long-lasting printed promotional mousemat means long-term exposure to your company name. It still remain a best selling branded product for 2021.

The best reason, though to give mousemats to your potential clientele is that they make people's lives easier! The branded promotional mousemat makes surfing, gaming, writing, calculating...any screen activity more efficient. It facilitates fast, smooth navigation and precise tracking. It also protects the mouse from dust and contaminants, saving your potential customers' time and labor. Your company's printed promotional mousemat makes screen time more pleasant. People who appreciate the mousemat will notice details about it--including your logo.

For superior visibility, company recognition, and potential sales, try something people see every day, and everywhere. Make it practical. Choose something people need, an item they like--and something that lasts. Try printed promotional mousepads. From the prospective client who enjoys your branded promotional mousemat to the company whose logo becomes prominent, this item works for everyone.