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Promotional Products For Pets

Including printed dogs bowls, custom dog leads and bespoke cat accessories

Do you run a dog groomer or pet boarding service? Our custom pet merchandise ideas will be perfect for you.

Many businesses invest in printed products to raise awareness, promote, advertise, acknowledge and reward their audience, and the pet industry is no exception. There is a wealth of fantastic promotional pet products on the market, including pet-themed merchandise such as printed dog leads, printed pet food bowls, printed pet clothing such as bandanas, and branded pet toys, to name just a few of the many appealing and relevant promotional pet products on offer. Dog groomers and boarding services are increasingly popular, especially after many people and families invested in dogs during the pandemic. Retaining regular business is competitive; that's where creative marketing and custom-printed dog items are invaluable to a pet service's continued success. Also, as more consumers are eco-minded, pet-related brands and animal food producers are forward-thinking their promotional pet products, adapting and evolving to meet these requirements. Products such as promotional RPET dog leads and recycled custom-printed dog bowls are just two examples of the many items that now offer a sustainable solution, as well as being practical and functional whilst providing unrivalled longevity with the peace of mind they are also kind to the planet. 


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Learn how animal charities embrace pet promotional products.

Animal charities invest in promotional merchandise due to its immeasurable impact and positive impact on its audience, whether pet print products for fundraising giveaways to raise awareness or custom printed cat items for the retail sector of the charity. Everyday practical and functional custom pet merchandise offers a unique opportunity to reach your target audience and potential new business with appealing pet-friendly products that will be memorable and make a positive impression. Also, the advertising possibilities are limitless, especially regarding social media. You can ensure your printed dog collars and other promotional pet products are visible, shared and liked, further promoting and advertising your charity brand and critical message to raise awareness and increase revenue. Pet promotional merchandise works perfectly for community engagement and educational events when combined with charity literature in promo gift bags for patrons and sponsors. It's a great way to showcase your charity's ethos and commitment to the cause and enhance and elevate its presence on a national scale. 

Which pet merchandise items for dogs remain best sellers? 

Printed Dog Bowls

The classic, low-cost, but incredibly functional promotional dog bowls are the most iconic pet merchandise across the range. The printed bowl works effectively for branded merchandise; they deliver a good ROI and come in many styles and colours. 

Promotional Printed Dog Leads: 

Ask any promotional products supplier, and they will agree; the branded dog lead is a must-have for all dog owners. Dog leads come in various shapes, colours and sizes to suit all budgets! They make the perfect event giveaway but equally a retail item, especially for a more premium option. 

Printed Pet Collars: 

Branded collars are a sought-after product for all pet owners. They make excellent custom pet merchandise for giveaways and gift shop retail and are ideal to coincide with social media marketing campaigns. Printed collars like dog lead come in an extensive range of colours and styles, and they offer a generous branding area, ensuring your business and message will be clear for all to see. 

Promotional Poo Bag Dispensers: 

The poo bag dispensers are not only a must-have product for all pet owners when out for their walks but also relatively low cost, making them great marketing giveaways and popular retail items. These handy pocket-size dispensers are the perfect companion, used daily and often carried in hand, so your logo and details are in constant view, a clever call to action and a priceless way to market your brand!

Are you looking to advertise your pet services? Speak to the Merchandise Ltd Team.

Our team of industry experts are well seasoned regarding innovative pet merchandise, and we know there is all to know about what's on-trend. If you want to explore what branded items may work for you and your pet services, look no further! We'll guide you through the limitless range of styles, colours and features from the budget to the higher end, ensuring you receive the best possible solution for your business. We aim to exceed all your expectations whilst meeting tight deadlines on time and within budget!