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When it comes to custom printed bags, the branded travel bag is a sure winner!

The travel industry is a competitive niche. However, you can use a variety of custom promotional products including branded travel bags to reach your target audience.

We offer a diverse number of branded travel bags for use on both short and long trips. Each one has its unique pockets and compartments for storing clothing, office supplies, personal hygiene items, brushes and combs, and more. From extra small to extra large, we offer the perfect combination of luggage for you to personalise and distribute to your ideal market demographic.

When it comes to branded merchandise for the travel lover, custom branded travel bags tick all the boxes.

Did you know we have a large range of branded merchandise for the travel industry you can view more here


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How to choose your custom branded travel Bags

You also have the option of reaching multiple niche audiences when you order an assortment of branded travel bags. For instance, we can provide you with a variety of suitcases with wheels and handles for easy transport. At the same time, you could also request cosmetic organiser bags and waist pouches. Each set of merchandise you order will be suitable for uses on public trains, buses and planes.

No matter where your branded travel bags are used, they are likely to be seen by crowds of people. This gives you plenty of opportunities to increase brand awareness. In fact, after enough time and after distributing enough of these pieces of luggage, your company could become an international hit. What is more, you can popularise your business, products and services for about the same price as a stack of paper ads.

To help you maximise your marketing potential when distributing custom branded travel bags, we offer a variety of customisation options. For instance, we could print your brand name and logo on name badges, or we could stamp your logo colours on the front or back of a suitcase. Otherwise, we can embroider graphics or images onto the trim of each bag.

By now, there is a chance that you see investments in branded merchandise in general as a necessity if you want to expand your customer base. On the other hand, you might still have questions about how using reusable merchandise can help you establish your company persona.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us before you place your first online order. Otherwise, feel free to fill out the online form and request one or more styles of promotional travel bags.