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Take a look at our printed promotional mints uk

Have you decided what to give your loyal customers as a promotional gift? The time for your next online marketing campaign is coming up fast. So now is the time to think outside the box. Why not spice up your public's expectations with something new that they never saw coming? A handy box of special promotional mints delivered free of charge, is the gift they didn't even know they wanted to receive from you. This is a promotional gift that will keep on giving - back to you in the form of profits - for many years to come.

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More about custom branded mints

A free box of tasty branded mints can be printed up on behalf of your company for a very reasonable fee. These mints can be ordered in any flavour, shape, or size. If it's on the menu, it can easily be furnished in the volume that you need. And when your customers receive these promotional sweet gifts, they will be more than happy to get a little something extra for their money. A free promo gift always adds to the value of any order. If you really want to turn a few heads, why not have a selected number of boxes specially personalised? This is the perfect way to show a few of your favourite longtime customers how much you truly appreciate their continued patronage. 

Mints are an item that everyone can enjoy. Even if they aren't someone's personal cup of tea, the mere fact that you took the time to print up a whole box of specially personalised mints is a gesture they won't soon forget. The expense that you incur upfront will quickly pay off in the form of continued loyalty to your business. Each box of mints that you offer to your customers can be specially branded with your company name and website address. This way, there will be no mistake as to where they came from. And if the recipient of your gift chooses to pass it on to someone else, their action will result in even more free publicity for your business. Promotional mints are the perfect way to reward your customers with a tasty and unexpected surprise. When branded correctly, they will furnish your business with a lifetime of publicity. If you're ready to sweeten the future of your business, this is the way to do it. 

Need a quote on printed mints, reach out to the Merchandise team we would love to help.