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Take a look at our custom branded wireless chargers

Are you looking for the perfect promotional gift to hand out free to your loyal customers? A new line of printed promotional charger pads can be yours for a song. These handy items are the perfect gift to reward your customers for their patronage. There is a hardly a person in the world today who don't have a use for a branded wireless charger. Whether they need them for work, play, or a thousand other reasons, a charging unit is something your customers will be glad to accept from you. And now you can manufacture a whole slew of free chargers to give to your eagerly awaiting public. 

Why not consider a corporate gift pair?, and include a branded phone wallet, you can view here

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Why invest in a Promotional printed wireless charger?

The advantages that come with making up a batch of printed promotional chargers are numerous. These items can be made up in great quantities in a very short amount of time. Best of all, you can easily order 1,000 or more of them for a price that won't put a dent in your company budget.

Having an item of free promotional chargers specially printed for a routine fee is an expense that you can write off as the prelude to a whole new wave of positive publicity. Once you mount your next promotional campaign, the payoff will not be long in coming.

If you really want to tickle the fancy of your customers, you can have a few of these new chargers specially personalised. Imagine the look of surprise on your customers' faces when they sign up for your mailing list and are rewarded out of the blue with an item that is specially printed with their own name on it.

These kinds of personalised technology items don't require a massive investment on your part to create. And once they are in your hands you will enjoy the feeling of knowing that you are about to do your business a world of good for very little upfront expense.

In the end, your most pressing concern is to make sure that you reap the maximum amount of positive exposure from your next promotional campaign. This is why you need to order a new batch of specially branded giveaway items for your business. These items can be branded with your company logo and website address.

The amount of free exposure and positive publicity that you can get from these specially branded chargers is enormous. The time for you to select this exciting item as your promotional tool is now.

Contact our team for a custom quotation and explore a sample.