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Our collection of custom branded computer cables and printed cable adaptors

Custom printed computer accessories make great marketing tools. They are a good investment for any company that wants to get their name out to individuals in the community. Many companies spend high advertising dollars on TV commercials or billboards, but printed promotional products are much less and very effective. Free items for the office or small businesses will be seen day after day, and the name of your company will be kept in their memory. When they need to reorder the product, they will call you. This is a more positive reaction than a commercial on TV.

You can view all of our branded technology here

Learn more about custom branded Computer Accessories

There are several printed computer accessories that are inexpensive and would make useful tools that office workers could use everyday. Computer accessories, like screen washers, screen sweeps, retractable computer brushes and CD cleaners can be printed in a variety of colours and given away. Many people work in an office type of environment and even if they worked elsewhere, most people can use these printed computer accessories with their home computers.

Usability is a key factor in deciding on which printer promotional product to use in promoting your business. The key is to target your typical customer so that the product is something to be used in their everyday life. By doing this, the branded gift printed with the company’s name and logo on it will be more visible. Not only will it remain visible in the original customer’s eyesight, but everyone who walks by is able to see your company’s information.

Printed computer accessories make great conversation starters, too. When a visitor or another potential customer is in the area of the computer, either of you can start a conversation about the company, colour, or logo that is on the computer item. Mouse pads make great printed marketing tools. The printing of your company name and logo on a mouse pad is inexpensive per unit, colourful, creative, and very visual at the computer. That is the goal of a printed computer accessory.

Merchandise Ltd is designed to show you the printed computer accessories and the possible ways of designing then to be the most effective. Your company name and an attractive company logo are the best ways to advertise for your product. Our printing department will be happy to assist you in choosing colours and designs.