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Our collection of promotional RFID wallets and Printed RFID products

Why invest in branded card holders?

When in business, you need to take advantage of as many forms of advertisement as you can. For instance, you might use personalised card holders in addition to your traditional paper literature. Each one is customisable in a way that will help you present your brand to the world.

From individual I.D. card holders to bonded leather multi-card holders, we offer you plenty of choices. Each one is made of quality materials such as aluminium, plastic, metal or PVC. They can be engraved, printed on, or otherwise labelled with your preferred images, graphics and text designs. Each item is specially made in a way that is most suitable for each marketing campaign you launch.

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Card Holders from Merchandise Ltd

The colours we choose for making your printed card holders will coordinate with your current business colours. Otherwise, we can help you design new combinations of elements for use with new product releases. In any case, these portable promotional items will provide you years of brand exposure wherever people see them.

When you distribute enough personalised card holders to as many locations as possible, it exponentially expands your customer base. Furthermore, this merchandise increases your brand visibility regardless of whether you still hand out paper business cards, fliers and postcards or not. In fact, your promotional card holders have a long enough lifespan to provide you years of recurring advertisement.

We offer a variety of types of printed card holders for use with reaching one or more niche audiences. Some of them are ideal for placement on top of a desk, counter or any other hard surfaces. Others are designed for attachment to a keyring, yet additional models are made for placing in a portfolio, binder or folder. For best promotional results, you might want to request a variety of items from us. Then, use each type in the scenario for which it is most suited.

Please contact us with questions you have about using personalised card holders as a marketing tool. Otherwise, we welcome you to place your online order including desired item number and quantities. Please also send us any images you have of the sample design you want to be used on your custom merchandise.