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View our range of custom branded A4 folders for your business

Why a A4 branded conference folder shows you 'mean' business

Are you planning a business, educational, or press conference? Do you make sales calls? Are you holding a seminar for your employees? Order some branded promotional conference folders to hand out. Folders imprinted with your organisation's name and logo are always a good idea. In addition to agendas and other documents, you may want to put giveaways in the conference folder. People love free stuff. Of course, the gifts have to be thin enough to fit in a folder pocket. Branded promotional business card holders, calendars, and magnets fit nicely in a folder. 

Our best selling Custom branded A4 folder includes the Dartford folder range, you can also choose from zipped and unzipped options, alongside executive branded folders made from Leather or PU fabrics, best embossed for the ultimate corporate image.

 About our range of branded corporate ring binders

Corporate executives are typically people who want to maintain a professional existence. Therefore, the way you reach them might be different than you would, for example, market to school children or mothers. One item you might want to offer professional business people is promotional ring binders made especially for them.The ring binders we offer for advertising purposes appeal to business persons because they keep all team members organised. For instance, they offer plenty of room for storing important reports and documents. They also have slots for USB drives, pens, pencils, business cards and more. Students in schools could also use these binders, but they appeal just as much to the executive crowd because of their sleek design.


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Why invest in a printed executive folder?

When you're holding an employee seminar, a conference folder with your organisations logo is always a good idea. You want your employees to feel proud of their organization, of course. Giving everyone at the seminar a branded promotional folder makes it clear that everyone belongs to the same organisation. All of the employees are on the same team. You'll see that employees will keep the branded folder as a matter of pride. Putting some promotional giveaways in the folders are a great idea. Little gifts like magnets and calendars are a very inexpensive way to make employees feel appreciated.

When you order branded folders, it's a good idea to order more than you need for the particular event. You'll find that the folders are incredibly useful in many different ways. Once you have the folders you'll think of all kinds of new ways to use the promotional folders.


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