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Merchandise Guide

How to choose the right branded merchandise for your audience

In simple terms, the choice is abundant when it comes to promotional branded merchandise and finding the most relevant but innovative logo products can seem like a mammoth task. Many promotional merchandise companies are offering a vast array of different branded items but choosing the right products that promote and advertise your services must reflect and represent you as a business; through the chosen personalised merchandise you want to share. Finding the balance when using promotional items is paramount in assisting to forge new relations, maintain client retention and develop future business success. Most industry sectors that invest in branded merchandise will understand the importance of using promotional items, from printed mugs to branded usb sticks, there is a myriad of promotional ideas that can be targeted to specific audiences, providing functional and practical merchandise solutions to ensure the best return on investment is achieved. 


Merchandise ideas for IT and Technology sectors

The IT industry is a burgeoning sector, and its growth will continue rapidly as we utilise the enormous benefits of using digital platforms, for both work and leisure. Technology branded merchandise is one of the most popular on the market, promotional power banks and printed usb drives make excellent corporate executive gifts for this sector, being highly relevant and practical for everyday use. Printed Headphones are also other useful business promotional gifts for the IT industry, with more and more people using mobile devices for work and communication, these are one of the most in trend and sought-after of all promotional merchandise. One of many appealing attributes to technology branded items is that it has a wide demographic reach, almost limitless in its ability to power and connect the tools we require to work and play. Some of the most favoured products across all promotional merchandise are ones with interactive features, where the user can become engrossed and involved with the functions at hand, making it a fun as well as practical experience. IT-related branded products can ensure this unique element is ever-present whilst still delivering relevant and impressive corporate merchandise. 

Branded Merchandise ideas for the Financial Industry

The Finance industry is a metropolis of opportunity and provides one of the best audiences when it comes to business promotional gifts. There are many levels to this sector that use logo products regularly. Items such as branded notebooks, printed business pens, printed mugs and corporate printed umbrellas to name but a few, are all universally popular. The finance industry beholds many executive positions and roles where people may be expected to travel for client meetings, this is where corporate executive gifts are invaluable, almost customary but will certainly forge and enhance client relationships. Due to the travel element with the finance sector then promotional power banks and custom usb sticks are also highly regarded. Printed Power banks are imperative to ensure your mobile devices can function properly whilst visiting and travelling between meetings and USBs being vital when collecting and storing sensitive and vital data. For taking quick notes and Jotting ideas then printed corporate notebooks are also an essential tool, functional and practical, they also boast an impressively large and generous branding area. This will ensure, no matter where you are, that your logo and business services will also be present, priceless advertising which can be relatively low-cost. Items such as branded coasters are also great products to gift, they can sit well on any desk, be mailed out or can be transported to client meetings and used as a giveaway, promoting your services clearly, making these simple but useful and affordable promotional goods that will be used regularly. Promotional Drinkware is a sought-after category within this sector also, branded travel mugs are hugely popular, great for travelling executives when at work or for leisure time. The classic mug with logo, such as the Cambridge style makes superb desktop products, these iconic promotional mugs offer stunning branded areas to ensure your logo and details will be visible with every mouthful, the perfect giveaway or ideal for staff whilst in the office. 

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Promotional Giveaways for charities

Charities of all sizes and levels use promotional branded merchandise in many ways. Many are used to raise crucial funds for great causes whilst delivering important messages and to instill cause and awareness. As well as using promotional goods as giveaways, charities also rely heavily on their retail potential, whereby purchasing promotional merchandise in bulk to sell through online stores and physical retail. The margins made on the sale of these items, along with fundraising donations is a lifeline to charities, enabling them to continue their impeccable work. There is a multitude of promotional products uk that will be forever popular within charities, but some specifically work particularly well. Products such as custom keyrings, sports merchandise for outdoor events, promotional water bottles, branded travel mugs and branded confectionery are popular and attention-grabbing giveaways with several of these making good retail sellers too. When it comes to the retail division then some notable custom merchandise uk options are certainly bestsellers; jute bags printed, promotional water bottles, custom clothing, branded travel mugs, custom printed plastic pens and branded shopping bags are all favoured by charity supporters and the wider public. These items and more all offer an attractive resale margin which can be increased considerably when purchased in even higher volumes. When reaching out to promote and sell charity products and with the demographic being varied and diverse, it enables a great advantage point to maximise on revenue. Charities also benefit greatly from offering collectable branded merchandise for retail, items such as custom enamel pin badges, branded coasters and custom keyrings can be cleverly designed to entice and encourage repeat retail visits, especially where there might be a series of exclusive designs in a collection to be purchased over a certain period, as and when they are released. 

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The many uses of branded products in the educational sector

Education is a broad sector, offering a plethora of opportunities for personalised merchandise to be utilised for a variety of purposes, such as for promotional but also retail. From schools, colleges and universities, right through to professional training institutes, branded merchandise is highly valued and used to promote, educate and raise awareness about the benefits of learning, whether those are for new skills or within compulsory education, they can ensure a positive, interactive and fun way of learning can be achieved. Items such as promotional water bottles, printed drawstrings bags, sports merchandise, custom pens and branded notebooks are excellent choices for education, particularly for schools and colleges.

For universities, technology is a popular choice with young adults, printed ear buds, branded usb flash drives and promotional power banks are highly favoured. For freshers' fairs, a wider variety of more general promotional goods can be used effectively. Items such as, branded sweets, promotional take away cups, custom A5 notebooks, printed sports bags and travel items, like custom coffee mugs and printed metal sports bottles, are all appealing to new and eager students that are keen to delve into a new life at university.

Professional training institutes that conduct education for businesses may take a slightly different approach, focusing on executive-level merchandise that is practical but innovative. Products such as business pens, corporate printed umbrellas, branded technology gifts, executive travel bags, premium printed folders, printed puzzles and brain teasers are all distinguished product solutions that will be very welcomed to coincide with any training sessions, whilst leaving a lasting impression with clear and visible branding of the training services offered. For outdoor training and education then, custom clothing is an excellent option to ensure attendees are uniformed and presentable. Custom company jackets, branded hoodies, promotional caps and printed polos are all popular choices, along with an array of hi-visibility items for when training is conducted, vests, hard hats and waterproof jackets for construction, railway and engineering sectors, to name but a few. 

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Merchandise ideas for Software events

The software industry is a vast world of comprehensive businesses, all providing vital services to power and innovate our digital platforms. Many promotional merchandise companies will agree, this industry is burgeoning with new and exciting software being developed and programmed continually. It is also a highly regarded sector and one that is extremely progressive in how it adapts and evolves to the changing needs of our lives. It is also a highly competitive industry; this propels the use of corporate merchandise to assist in the marketing and advertising of the services it offers. Some key products which are extensively used and that have delivered results time again are branded mouse mats, printed usbs, promotional charging cables, custom earphones, printed coasters and promotional mugs. Similarly, to the IT industry, technology items are sought-after promotional products, being highly functional, practical and interactive makes them the most notable and favoured within this sector. With the proportion of the software industry being mainly sedentary this also opens a new level of ideas for desktop gifting but with an edge. Items such as printed Bluetooth speakers, custom phone chargers, printed digital photo frames and promotional stylus pens, to name but a few are all good examples of how branded gift ideas can adapt in this industry, whilst reaching the key people to who you want to engage in business with. With many people from this sector able to work from home then it also creates an opportunity to market yourself using direct mail. Many products that are suitable for mailing have characteristics that lean towards the lightweight and the nimbler, custom usbs, bespoke cable chargers, promotional coasters and printed pens are desirable, the perfect fit for mailing whilst being affordable when purchased in volume. There is almost an unlimited amount of custom merchandise uk to consider for this industry, all owning unique qualities that are designed to invigorate and motivate and with many in-trend and new products to choose from, you will never be lost for ideas. 

Executive Promotional Merchandise for the Insurance Industry

Another popular sector for promotional merchandise is within insurance, with a wide variety of channels to explore makes this fertile ground for opportunity and growth. The insurance industry is a multifaceted and complex arena, with many levels and avenues where branded merchandise can make a positive impact, with a vast assortment of relevant promotional products uk to your fingertips, it makes this is a lucrative playing field. Products such as printed umbrellas, printed custom diaries, printed notebooks, custom pens, company printed mugs and printed sticky notes are all popular and familiar items, relatively simple but highly effective, they are long-established as being great corporate gifts, effective motivators, useful and proven office materials to reward and incentivise a team. Like with many other industries adapting to new technologies, the insurance sector is no exception. Products with features like the innovative promotional RFID designs are becoming more in-demand; printed card wallets, branded backpacks and laptop bags are just some of the many widely recognised items that have been revolutionised into modern accessories, playing an important role in protecting your finances in every way possible. Travel products are also highly favoured across this industry, many travelling sales executives are continually between the office, home and client meetings, UK wide. Smart travel companions such as branded travel mugs mugs, promotional chargers, printed A6 notebooks and engraved metal pens are always useful to have to hand and to power mobile devices to ensure there is ample fuel for seamless connectivity. Executive corporate gifting within the insurance sector is commonplace, widely accepted, and in many cases, expected. Many premium gift options fall within this category, products such as leather and high-end PU diaries, branded pen sets, company printed golf umbrellas, branded drinkware and technology items as in, custom usbs, bespoke power banks and promotional Bluetooth speakers are always particularly good considerations. With promotional pens being one of the most iconic and at the very least, the epitome of branded merchandise, then the array on offer, especially that of superior quality is impressive. Notable brands such as Parker pens,  AT Cross and Waterman all produce some exquisite models, perfect for executive gifting and ideal staff recognition and long service awards, especially when engraved and presented in luxurious packaging, making these unrivalled in every shape and form. 

Branded Incentives in Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail has always been a popular route to take to reach your most potential targets, it is still being used to this very day but has evolved into a more interactive, more relevant but widely lucrative activity. Many industries use this form of marketing for a range of purposes; charities for fundraising, in finance for when advertising packages and services and within retail - to promote new products and to offer discounts and vouchers to the general public. Many businesses that use direct mail will often enclose a gift that is relevant to their purpose of contact. That might be a flexible fridge magnet, coaster or pen from a charity, to encourage people to donate and become involved in a particular campaign. This could also be lightweight foldable branded shopping bags, flat packed and ready to use, enabling the message to be seen by the wider public when out shopping, a superb way to advertise, low-cost and highly effective. Branded items that are fortunate enough to be lightweight and low-cost when purchased in volume, have a great advantage. If your industry is within financial services and you are promoting loans and credit cards, then a classic gift of a pen or a cardholder could not be more fitting. Whether you are replying online or by post, pens and card wallets are relevant, functional and widely used by a large demographic. Above all, these items are incredibly effortless to store, possessing a long shelf life also means that these can be bought in bulk and used over time, which in turn will provide an attractive return on investment to encourage further direct mail campaigns. 

Reward your hardworking team with a branded gift 

Internal employee recognition, long service awards and staff incentives are widely used by many industries, both small and large. These gifts can quite often fall within the premium or executive category but can be of any nature, depending on the company and its ethos. If your business is environmentally aware and encourages sustainability, then products with a clear connection to this might be an insightful route to take. High-end and prestigious products produced from bamboo eco friendly material, such as engraved bamboo power banks, custom wooden usbs, eco friendly notebooks, bamboo mugs and even wheat straw speakers, can deliver exceptional quality and make unusual but impressive eco-friendly promotional gifts. Technology gifts have become increasingly popular, with more and more promotional merchandise companies offering these in-trend and innovative solutions within this category. Technology is adapting rapidly, and many attractive options works incredibly well for employee awards, they are modern, functional and ones that will be used time again. They can cover a broad range of budgets too, promotional chargers, branded speakers and custom headphones, are all fun and interactive gadgets to receive, a gift that will be remembered and enjoyed. For more formal and sophisticated rewards, a classic and traditional approach may be more relevant. Premium engraved glassware, custom awards and trophies along with high-end branded water bottles, branded leather folders, company diaries and luxury notebooks with pens all deliver quality with elegance and notable products that will resonate a sense of positivity and wellbeing. Recognised retail brands such as waterman, Parker, Cross and Swiss Peak offer a rich and exuberant array of sophisticated products, ideal corporate gifts for any occasion, especially for internal rewards where you can present staff with something upmarket, something you will not only be honoured to receive but something you will be extremely excited and proud of when giving giveaway. As well as the array of impressive premium gifts available to reward and to flatter, sometimes the simplest can be the most effective. Products such as pin badges, mugs and medals can carry a clear and strong message of appreciation which in turn will be valued by the sentiment and not always from the gift itself. 


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