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Meet Our Team

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Roman Hust

Managing Director

Merchandise Ltd was born in 2007 with the purpose of building a team of branded merchandise experts, focused on strong client relationships and finding the right product solution for events, brand awareness and supporting charity causes or product launches.

Romans Passions for Promo include;

Company gifts for employee mental health, and for 2024 the importance of sustainable merchandise gifts. 

Roman believes in supporting young talent and is a proud sponsor of Zenico Racing 

With the launch of our sister brand Green Earth Merch coming in Spring 2024.

Tel: 01895 438459

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sales Director

Dan's talents include complex promotional merchandise collections for universities, NHS promotional materials and working with governments and councils.

Tel: 01895 438459

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dan's predicated trending merchandise gifts for 2024



Key Account Manager

After a decade in the promo biz, I have found my niche working with a range of long-standing clients - design agencies, holiday parks, and all things animal-related (especially cats!) No two days are the same, and I love being able to help expand clients' imagination into giving merchandise gifts not just for the sake of giving but ones that will enhance their brands and keep the receiver thinking about them.  

I am super excited to see full-colour embroidery available - it really will be a game changer for those complicated designs that used to be restricted to printing. 

Tel: 01895 438459


Sarah's predicated trending promo gifts for 2024



Account Manager

Coming into the Merchandise industry there is so much to learn and it has really opened my eyes into just how much promotional products are used day to day. My fave clients to work with are within the food industry - as that was my background—as well as charities and care homes.

I'm excited about rain-resistant cotton shopper bags! 

Tel: 01895 438459


Megan's predicated merchandise trends for 2024



Account Manager

I really enjoy working with the challenges faced by Fitness and Beauty brands and how they create excitement around their brand and launch new products. Speak to me about merchandise solutions to increase engagement and awareness with your target audience.

I'm excited about custom-branded Tumbler Cups! as they are perfectly on-trend

Tel: 01895 438459


Grace's predicated merchandise trends for 2024



Account Manager

Having 10 years of experience working with large brands within the FMCG sector, where I support our clients with the best innovative and engaging gifts and materials that support them with initiatives such as product launches, trade shows & exhibitions through to giveaways and national campaigns.

Sourcing the best quality promotional products at the best price and within the best time frames to ensure our clients always have that competitive edge over their competition is in our DNA.

In terms of trending promotional items for 2024, personally, I'm seeing more interest in Eco/Sustainable products (no surprises there ) but also things a little different, like a floating pen (which is a little novelty) also, I loved things like the water-resistant tote bag that we saw at Merchandise world, I think this would have legs as do things like the promotional lanyard phone holders, which will be great as festival giveaways.

Tel: 01895 438459


Jamie's predicated merchandise trends for 2024



Account Manager

 I am new but eager to learn! I am looking forward to finding out all about the world of promotional merchandise and finding my niche of customers in the industry. 

Tel: 01895 438459


Evie's recommended promotional event merchandise for 2024



Financial Administration

My role is to keep the team in check - or trying to! I look after the accounts, making sure payments are in ontime, and keeping our suppliers paid. I also organise deliveries and keep the office in good working order.

A product I've been excited about is Tea Bears, you can eat them as gummies or put them in hot water to make a herbal/fruity tea! 

Tel: 01895 438459


Shelagh's recommended office promotional gifts for 2024 



Order Process


Having had a background in print previously has meant transitioning into order progress at merchandise has been super smooth. I liaise with the sales team and suppliers to make sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine!

I am seeing big trends for clothing and home items - so lots of socks, towels, and blankets. This is an ever-growing opportunity for branded gifts for employees, especially with many more people working from home (like myself!). 

Tel: 01895 438459


Charlie's recommended promo gifts for the home



Graphic Designer

All things artwork, I make sure your branding will work to your chosen products. Supplying visuals prior to orders going ahead and presentations when needed to support the sales team in bringing their client's ideas to life.

I am especially interested in eSports and Ice Hockey  

Tel: 01895 438459


Alex's recommended promotional giveaways for unique designs


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