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How Promotional Event Giveaways Help to Bring People Together

Summer is steadily creeping up on us (or racing towards us, might be more accurate), and with this new season comes an influx of opportunities to host events for your business.

The warm weather and sunnier days are perfect for outdoor activities. This is why many charity fundraiser events tend to take place in late spring and through the summer months when participants won’t be put off by unpredictable and unpleasant weather. 

The Charity Fundraising Season Begins

Fun runs, sponsored hikes, charity football matches, and sports days are much more common this time of year. These fundraiser events are a great way to draw in crowds and bring the community together, and they offer local businesses the chance to promote their products and services to potential customers by sponsoring events.

Brands can show their support for the fundraising event by handing out sports promotional items and sports-themed promotional giveaways to everyone in attendance. For example, printed flags and printed whistles are a clever and practical way to market your business at a charity sports event. 

Your business can even sponsor the event by providing branded products, such as printed T-shirts for individuals or teams, that participants can wear and educate the community about your business and services.

This summer will also bring the Olympics, which will take place from late July until mid-August 2024. This presents a golden opportunity for hospitality venues to host viewing events, allowing people to get out of their houses and enjoy the nice weather without missing their favourite sports.

Venue-printed merchandise items can make this even more enticing.

What Sports Merchandise Giveaways Work Well For Hospitality?

Some bar merchandise ideas, for example, that would be impactful during this big sporting event include printed reusable drinking cups, novelty merchandise giveaways and branded bottle openers. As you can see, the point here is to align the theme (sports) with the setting (a bar) to create event merchandise that is practical and suitable for the occasion. 

Ultimately, the aim is to use the summer period and the events that accompany it to invest in volume marketing and tap into the potential for social shares. This will increase the event's popularity, ensure that your promotional items get the biggest reach, and leave attendees with lasting memories. 

Will Event Merchandise Giveaways Benefit My Business?

There is no doubt that event merchandise giveaways will add value to your business if executed correctly.

Events attract people; they create crowds. This is what you want when distributing promotional items - a lot of people so that you have more eyes and hands on your merchandise. When these products are printed with your contact details, branding and a clear message (this could be a new launch or a special offer), this is communicated to hundreds or even thousands of potential new customers.

Even in the digital age, there is no quicker or more cost-effective way of spreading a marketing message within the local community and directly to your target audience. 

Consider Using Merchandise Gifts For Upselling

You can even use promotional event giveaways to promote special offers, which is particularly effective in hospitality venues such as bars. By presenting customers with an incentive to spend more on drinks promotions.

For example, when they buy a pitcher of drinks, they receive a free printed t-shirt, or if they spend over a certain amount before 10 pm, they earn some promotional sunglasses.

This small promise of a promotional gift for spending a little extra money or within a certain time frame is a tried and tested marketing tactic that benefits your business in two ways. You may see increased average order values as you hand out marketing materials in the form of promotional items that customers will take home as a reminder of your venue.

These items will now also have an added perceived value because the recipient will feel as though they have earned it rather than just had something handed to them for free. This is also true when it comes to competition prizes.


Our Top 3 Products For Sporting Event Giveaways For Hospitality

Custom Inflatable Hands

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Custom PVC Keyrings

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Printed Giveaways For Community Engagement

You can take this concept a step further and build even more community spirit and excitement at your event by hosting a competition where your event merchandise is the prize.

Your charity fundraiser could include crowd participation where visitors are encouraged to take part in a contest where the winner takes home a trending custom bucket hat or printed hand fan

Better yet, you could give a custom keyring to every customer who correctly guesses the winner of each race during one of your viewing parties of the Olympics. 

It might seem like only a small gesture but a free promotional event giveaway goes a long way.


Our Top 3 Sporting-Themed Event Merchandise For Community Engagement

Printed Hand Waving Flags

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Custom Polyester Body Flag

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Printed Bang Bang Sticks

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Are you planning on bringing people together for your event in hospitality and do you want guests to enjoy the sports this summer?

Or perhaps you are looking for community engagement for your charity fun run or sporting competition.

Speak to our team at Merchandise Ltd. Before you move forward, we can help with some great sports merchandise ideas, samples, and free visual proofs of your design for the proposed promotional giveaways to promote your brand message and ensure the day is remembered.




Written By Jamie - Account Manager At Merchandise Ltd

Tel: 01895 438459


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